Kew Volleyball By-Laws

Matches will be conducted under the Official Volleyball Rules of the Federation of International Volleyball, plus our ‘local’ rules as ratified.
1          Basic Responsibilities             
1.1       Players must know the Kew Volleyball By-Laws and abide by them.           
1.2       Players must accept the referee’s decision with sportsmanlike conduct, without disputing him/her. In case of doubt, clarification may be requested through the team captain.
1.3       A team captain must be nominated. Prior to the match, the team captain must complete and sign the scoresheet and represent his/her team in the toss. At the end of the match the team captain needs to sign the scoresheet to confirm the outcome.
2          Scoring System           
2.1       Premiership Points       
2.1.1    Premiership points will be allocated on the basis of:  
Win                 4 points            
Draw               2 points            
Loss                 0 points            
Forfeit             -4 points (0-3 sets, 0-75 points)           
2.1.2    Positions of all teams on the premiership ladder will be determined by average premiership points in the first instance, by sets percentage in the second instance and by point’s percentage in the third instance.
2.1.3    Sets percentage will be calculated on the basis of the progressive totals of sets scored FOR divided by sets scored AGAINST. Points percentage will be calculated on the basis of the progressive totals of points scored FOR divided by points scored AGAINST and will include points scored in unfinished sets.
2.2       To Win A Match          
2.2.1    A match is won by the team that gains three sets. However, if neither team has won three sets at the end of playing time, the winner will be determined on the basis of sets won. For this purpose an unfinished set will be counted as a completed set if one team has reached fifteen points and is two points ahead.
2.2.2    In the case of a 2-2 tie the deciding set (5th) is played as a tie-break with the rally-point system. (Rule 2.4)              
2.3       To Win A Set  

2.3.1    A set is won by the team that first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points. In the case of a 24-24 tie, play is continued until a two-point lead is reached (26-24, 27-25). There is no point limit.

2.4       To Win A Rally In The Deciding Set (5th)     

2.4.1    In the deciding set, the team who is first to score 15 points with an advantage of 2 points wins the match. There is no point limit.             

3          Forfeits             

3.1       A team that, without justifiable reason, does not appear on the court at the appointed time within 5 minutes as shown on the draw forfeits the first set. If the team is still not ready to play 15 minutes after the appointed time, the second set is also forfeited. If the team is still not ready to play 30 minutes after the appointed time, the match is forfeited with the result 0-3 for the match and 0-25 for each set.

3.2       If a team needs to forfeit a match for a valid reason and gives adequate notice (minimum 48 hours), then this match can be either played at a later date, with the cooperation of both teams, or the match is cancelled and no points are to be awarded to either team - no penalty.

3.3       If less than 48 hours notice is given, the match will be forfeited and the team will be credited with (-4) match points.  In a second instance the team will be credited with (-4) match points and liable for their fee.  In a third instance the team will be credited with (-4) match points and is liable for both teams match fees, further participation in the competition may be reviewed.

4          New Teams And Promotion / Relegation        

4.1       A new team will be allowed to enter the competition at any stage of the season but must play a minimum of 50% of round games to be eligible for finals. Premier League teams must play a minimum of 75% of their round matches to be eligible for finals and or PRIZE MONEY

4.2       The first determining factor in ladder position is average premiership points thus NO allocation of win/loss games are required.      

4.3       In the event of a team being promoted or relegated after the start of a season, it will start in the new grade as though it was a new team. However, the results of all matches played in the previous grade will stand for the previous grade only, i.e., teams who play a team prior to its promotion or relegation do not have their premiership points or percentage adjusted after the transfer takes place, but the team being transferred starts from ‘scratch’ in its new grade.

5          Match Details  

5.1       Matches are 65 minutes in length.       

5.2       Finishing times will be signified by the sounding of a siren operated by the Hall Manager and the ball will be considered dead immediately the siren sounds.

5.3       No time-outs will be permitted in the last five minutes of matches.  

5.4       The interval between sets is limited to a maximum of one minute in all matches. However, if both captains request an immediate resumption of play, this will be granted by the Referee.

6          Team And Player Eligibility    

6.1       Before taking part in any match, all teams must register on the scoresheet and pay the appropriate team fee.              

6.2       The minimum number of players allowed to take the court as a team during matches is 4 players for all divisions           

6.3       All competitions are ‘open’ thus any gender breakdown is possible.  Grading is done on ability level rather than gender balance.

6.4       Any team that finds itself short of players on a night may ask players from other teams to make up a minimum number of four.

7          Finals    

7.1       The semi finals will be of a knock-out format, 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with the winners going into the grand final.              

7.2       All finals matches will be played with no time limit.              

7.3       To be eligible to play in any final a player must play a minimum of seven matches during the season with the team concerned.

7.4       It is up to the opposition team to ‘question’ a player’s eligibility with the Hall Manager.  The match has been played and a player is found to be ineligible then the team concerned will forfeit in retrospect.

8          Protests            

8.1       Protests will be resolved immediately by the Hall Manager; his/her decision is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.

9         Net Touches

9.1       Any contact with the net during the point by a player is deemed a fault thus loss of a rally.  This rule varies from Federation of International Volleyball Competitions for safety reasons.           

10        Conduct At Hall          

10.1     No smoking is permitted in the Hall.  

10.2     No food or drink is permitted in the Hall.       

10.3     No dogs permitted in the Hall unless sight impaired dogs.

10.4     Hall Managers have the power to expel from the Hall any person who, after due warning, continues to behave in a manner which is detrimental to the image of the Centre or volleyball in general.

10.5     No balls are to be used for practice near courts upon which a match is in   progress.